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WPMU Ldap 3.0 Released!

June 22nd, 2010 27 comments

After much work and preparation, the 3.0 plugin is ready to go.  Most of the kinks should be worked out of it, but if you notice anything please let me know!  Just like the previous versions, the plugin must be installed in the “mu-plugins” folder.  The only difference with WP 3.0, is that the folder does not exist by default.  You will need to create the “mu-plugins” folder under “wp-content”.  Drop the files in there and you should be good to go!

The plugin also now supports basic group authentication for both allow and deny groups.  Thanks to the help of Ken Newquist, we were able to test this extensively across both Active Directory and OpenLDAP platforms.  Example configurations are available on the Documentation page.

Other fixes and changes included in this release:

  • Basic deny/allow group logic
  • Changed bulk add logic to not automatically create blogs if the option is enabled – wordpress does not support this functionality
  • Fixed issues with connection check not working when plugin is not enabled
  • Fixed typo in default ldaps port in the documentation
  • Fixed issue where local users would still attempt to authenticate against ldap
  • Added better error checking on failure when adding users from the add user menu

The plugin can be download from the Sourceforge project page.  As always, I hope you enjoy it and please report any problems or suggestions you might have!

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New Blog Address

June 2nd, 2010 Comments off

In an effort to simplify my own setup, the blog address has been changed to  The old address will redirect traffic so any existing links out there should be fine.

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