November 22nd, 2012


  • Plugin now must be installed into the /plugins/ folder and activated network wide. Installation into /mu-plugins/ is no longer supported.
  • Plugin files and svn repositiory is now hosted at This will allow for easy one-click installation and automatic update notifications.
  • Minor code cleanup and verbage updates


  • is_super_admin bugfix
  • proper documentation revision bump
  • fix where ldap/local role dropdown was not displaying on current user profile page


  • Changes for 3.1 Network Admin


  • Basic deny/allow group logic
  • Changed bulk add logic to not automatically create blogs if the option is enabled – wordpress does not support this functionality
  • Fixed issues with connection check not working when plugin is not enabled
  • Fixed typo in default ldaps port in the documentation
  • Fixed issue where local users would still attempt to authenticate against ldap
  • Added better error checking on failure when adding users from the add user menu


  • Now possible to disable the add user function for non site admin users
  • Fixed problem with connection test function
  • Fixed problem preventing blog admins from being able to bulk add users when enabled


  • Modified plugin to use authenticate hook instead of wp_authenticate function
  • Fixed problem with reset password link on local account
  • Fixed improper constant definitions


  • Fixed login error message on first load of wp-login


  • LDAP Attributes converted to lowercase on save
  • Experimental SSO Support
  • Changed ldap_connect attributes to match as documented
  • Removed default “Add New” option in 2.7
  • Fixed issue where display_name cannot be edited, added upgrade function to migrate existing values

  • Bug: Fixed issue where site admins were having wp_1_capabilities set on login
  • New Feature: Ability to map nickname field to LDAP attribute.  If attribute is not set for a given user, the default convention is used.


  • Ability for site admins to bulk add users – also configurable for blog admins to bulk add
  • Revamped administration pages
  • Added simple connection test option
  • Added new error check to report unique message back on creation failure if there is an email address conflict
  • Remove stale css entries
  • LDAP TLS Support
  • Ability for site admins to convert ldap users to local users and vice versa
  • Added ldap attribute mapping via configuration pages
  • Added config option to set the default display name format


  • Public signup disabled message now appears as an error on the login form – thanks bforchhammer
  • Updated action call for wpmu_activate_user – now requires 3 atrributes
  • Changed internal handling of ldap server string to be array based – this was causing issues with passwords containing special characters – thanks gravelpot


  • Removed ugly hacks for the retrieve password form utilizing a new filter in the trunk.
  • Freshened up the look of the admin pages


  • Remove override of wp_setcookie function – no longer needed!  This also means no more conflict with the admin ssl plugin!
  • Removed experimental wp_munge hooks – no longer needed!
  • Custom pluggable.php is no longer needed, and is totally remove from the release.
  • Revamps logic for local users – removed chunks of unnecessary code!
  • Enhanced error reporting sent back on authentication failures
  • Support for local users!  You can now create local users and use them as well!  Local users can be regular users or admins, it doesn’t matter, they all work!
  • Using the new “Add User” screen, it’s now possible to LDAP users to the blog that have never logged into WPMU.  As long as they exist in your LDAP directory, they can be added!
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