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WPMU Ldap Plugin 2.6 Released!

August 1st, 2008 50 comments

In conjunction with the new WPMU release and release numbering, i’m proud to announce the release of the WPMU Ldap 2.6 plugin!  This release does require WPMU 2.6 due to the utilization of some new hooks.

Download it now!

Important Upgrade Notice! – If you are upgrading from the previous 1.3 versions that did not have support for local user creation, its important that after the upgrade you login as the local administrator, and with the "Fix Ldap Meta" option on the plugin configuration page.  This will populate the ldap_login meta value for all accounts (except the local admin) so that existing users are able to login.


  • Removed ugly hacks for the retrieve password form utilizing a new filter in the trunk.
  • Freshened up the look of the admin pages

As always, continue to visit the SourceForge project page for details, and to report bugs or add feature requests!

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WPMU Ldap Plugin 1.5.0 Released!

July 6th, 2008 Comments off

After a few weeks of testing i’m proud to announce that the official release of the WordPress MU Ldap Plugin for the 1.5 series has been released!  You can download it on the SF project page: Download Now!

The WordPress 2.5 series code changes made quiet a few changes to the authentication and cookie setting bits of the wordpress core.  These changes made alot more sense, and actually allowed me to make the plugin more stable.

Here are a few of the major changes:

  • Remove override of wp_setcookie function – no longer needed!  This also means no more conflict with the admin ssl plugin!
  • Removed experimental wp_munge hooks – no longer needed!
  • Custom pluggable.php is no longer needed, and is totally remove from the release.
  • Revamps logic for local users – removed chunks of unnecessary code!
  • Enhanced error reporting sent back on authentication failures
  • Support for local users!  You can now create local users and use them as well!  Local users can be regular users or admins, it doesn’t matter, they all work!
  • Using the new "Add User" screen, it’s now possible to LDAP users to the blog that have never logged into WPMU.  As long as they exist in your LDAP directory, they can be added!

There are also 2 mailing lists setup:

  • wpmu-ldap-users – All SF tracker changes are posted to this list.  Please continue to post bugs and features to the SF Trackers.  On top of that, it can also be used for general discussion and hopefully more timely resolutions to problems.  Subscribe Here
  • wpmu-ldap-commits – This list is used to notify others of SVN commits.  It is setup as an announce only list.  Subscribe Here

I hope everyone enjoys the long awaited release!

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